Does your sewing room double as guest room? But sometimes it's hard to do both?

Not any more. Here is your 10 step roadmap to quickly packing up your sewing room to host a guest.

It's designed to keep you calm, organized and moving quickly. Best of all, it's all planned out so that when your guests leave, it's easy to unpack and keep sewing.

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  Chaos to Company
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Hi, I’m Shelly

You want to be more productive and organized in your sewing area. My goal is help you do this so you can love even more.

Over 100 people are taking the "Sew Spacious Challenge" that I created. It's a 28 day challenge to help you organize your sewing room. There's lots of bonuses and tonnes of useful tips. The bite size tasks inspire you to create an organized place to sew again.

These techniques go deep and create results. They work like magic. This inspires me to keep serving you. 


Chaos to Company in 10 steps

Perfect for you if you share a sewing room with a guest room.

The 28 day challenge helps you clean up a mess and get organized without overwhelming you. It is a slow but steady way to once again make your sewing space your happy place!

~ Doris

Thanks so much for sharing all these great ideas on organization.

~ Shelly

Try it, it gets you going when you just don't know where to start! (on the 28 day challenge)

~ Soni